The Psychology of Covid-19: Psychological Reactions to the Pandemic

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Description: As you may or may not have noticed, I (Mike Boyes) have been posting discussions of and links to articles on the Psychology of Covid-19 since March 2020 (search Covid on this site to see the results). Recently we are starting to see posted, peer-reviewed research articles presenting studies that wee conceived, conducted, and… Read more »

The Psychology of Covid 19: Unselfish Self Care

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Description: Have you read anything about Positive Psychology? It is a relatively new sub-discipline within Psychology that is based on the idea that Psychology can do more that focus in on the ways in which things can go wrong for us in terms of things like mental illness. Research in Positive Psychology looks at what… Read more »

Psychology of Covid-19: Stunting Children’s Social Growth?

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Description: Have you heard of social referencing? Even very young infants do this. Basically, it involves looking at and reading another person’s face (facial expression) in order to find out what something that is around you means. Imagine a toddler sitting in a stroller beside a park bench that one of their parents is sitting… Read more »

The Urge to Punish: It Is Not All About Revenge

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Description: What comes to mind when you think of punishment? Violent criminals? Disobedient children? Now how about revenge? Is revenge essentially defined as punishment for another’s act that harmed you or someone you care about? Or are there situations that may not involve blatant or intentional wrongdoing that may still warrant or lead to a… Read more »

Psychology of Covid-19: Dogs versus Cats?

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Description: I am going to ask you a question but before I do I need you to put aside a bias you may have and try to be objective. Are you a cat person pr a dog person? If your answer to that question is something like, “they are both nice” or “I am indifferent… Read more »

Baby’s Heart Rate and Mother’s Mental Health

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Description: If you have even a passing interest in infant development you have likely previously run across concerns about post-partum depression. If so (or if not) consider this question. What is it about material anxiety and depression that potentially results in negative developmental outcomes for the infants of those mothers? Yes, of course it likely… Read more »

Psychology of Covid-19: Lies, Damn Lies, and Pandemic Lies

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Description: There are lies, damn lies, and statistics, right? But what about pandemic lies? How many lies have you been telling lately, and about what? How common do you think it is these days for people to lie about their health status or symptoms? Why might people be lying more these days than was the… Read more »

Psychology of Racism, Bias, and Discrimination: Microaggressions and Racial Bias

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Description: Recent events have intensified attention to issues of racial inequity and racism. In addition to helping people to understand the foundations of how racism is established and carried forward, Psychology can help people see and understand the many ways in which bias and racist assumptions can enter and shape day-to-day social interactions. Have you… Read more »

Your Brain on Dissociation

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Description: What does dissociation involve?  At its “simplest” level, it an involve a sort of out of body experience sometimes described as being out of the pilot chair of your body or consciousness and watching things happening to you from a third-party perspective. More complex forms of dissociation include amnesia (often related to trauma), identity… Read more »

The Psychology of Covid-19: Wellbeing of Introverts and Extroverts

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Description: I am sure you know quite a bit about personality. Based on what you know, what would you predict about the relative wellbeing of people who we might describe as extroverts and introverts in relation to their experiences with the current and recent states of their social worlds as a result of the circumstances… Read more »