How Will Your First Year Go?

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Description: Are you a first-year student? If you are answer the following questions (and if you’re not think about how you would’ve answered them when you were a first-year student). Do you feel you belong here at college or university? Do you feel that you’re on equal footing with your fellow first-year students? How do… Read more »

How Good a “Reader” of Others Emotions Are You?

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Description: Are you a good reader of other people’s emotions. That is, when you watch someone’s facial expression and particularly when you look at their eyes are you very good at telling how they’re feeling? If you are, or if you’re not, what life experiences do you think have contributed to your level of ability… Read more »

Mind-Body Interconnections: The Adrenal medulla

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Description: You probably heard about the important role that the adrenal medulla plays in our bodies rapid responses to stressful situations, usually referred to as the fight flight response. What you may not be entirely clear on is how that area of the brain gets fired up or more specifically how that part of the… Read more »

Cultural Differences in Number of Life Choices: Enough or Too Many?

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Description: How much choice do we have in our day-to-day lives? What turns out the answer that question may vary dramatically by culture. Think about what you would expect in the way results in the following experiment. 100 North American in 100 Japanese high school students are asked to take a piece of paper and… Read more »

Bystander Intervention: Old or Current News?

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Description: If you heard the name Kitty Genovese? If you had an introductory psychology course with a section on social psychology, then you probably have. In the standard introductory psychology textbook including my own, is usually some account of Kitty’s death and of some large number of witnesses who heard her screams and who did… Read more »

Trump Supporters and Mob Psychology

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Description: Once again the American presidential race has given rise to some interesting examples of psychology in action. Fairly recently, supporters at some of Donald Trump’s rallies have resorted to violence in response to the appearance of anti-Trumpprotesters. While it’s hard to know where to stop or start psychology does have something to say about… Read more »