The Psychology of Covid-19: Depression or Boredom?

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Description: Think about this distinction for a moment in relation to your own experiences within and related to our time with the Covid-19 pandemic. How much of our negative emotional, social and cognitive experiences could or should we attribute to bad things that have happened to us (e.g., health challenges, job losses, life disruptions) and… Read more »

The Psychology of Covid-19: Anxieties and Uncertainties, What You Can DO About Them

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Description: I have posted previously about the stress associated with the high degrees of uncertainty associated with our immediate and longer-term futures in relation to the coronavirus. It is important to keep in mind that while many of the factors contributing to our uncertainty and the related stresses that accompany them are obvious; our health… Read more »

Psychology of COVID-19 — Coping Tune-up

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Description: How do you cope when you are stressed? I mean exactly what do you do? Do you act in ways that are adaptive or maladaptive? How are your coping with the current global and personal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic? If you are not sure how you typically cope you can go here… Read more »