The Impact of Stigma, Stereotype and Bias on Aboriginal Student Performance

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Description: Ok, after a couple of rather dense posts looking at issues related to Indigenization I think it would be helpful to look at a very pragmatically focused piece of research bearing on the education experiences of aboriginal children in mainstream schools. There are a number of belief stigma and biases held to vastly varying… Read more »

Indigenizing Psychology: Where to Start?

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Description: I am going to spend some time over the next little while writing about and posting links to articles and other media about the need to indigenize Psychology. (Note: in what follows I will be referring to features and aspects of the Canadian historical and current experience, however, indigenization and all that it involves… Read more »

Elders and the elderly: Steps towards indigenous respect in Psychology

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Description: In my previous post ( I introduced a new thread I am going to be focusing on, among other things, over the spring and summer. In that post I introduced an article looking at the place of the concept of wisdom in western society and thought and introduced the idea of rethinking about what… Read more »

Voodoo Science: Indigenous Knowledge and Medical and Psychiatric Treatments

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Description: We generally assume that all new treatments for medical and psychiatric conditions come from western scientific labs or University based researchers, but is this actually the case? … not entirely. Sources: Ozy Daily Brief: Dr Prozac meet Dr Vodou Date: April 5, 2015 Photo Source: Carlos Cazalis/Corbis Links:    Dr Prozac meet Dr Vodou:… Read more »