Psychology and Covid-19: There IS a Manual for This!

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Description: Ask people how they are seeing the world around them these days as they deal with or do not deal so well with the social, isolation imposed due to the coronavirus and most will say something like weird, surreal, strange, or odd. These perspectives arise for the large extent to which usually or typical… Read more »

Psychology and Covid-19: Impacts of Isolation

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Description: The requests and demands for social distancing in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic are new and novel for almost everyone. In addition, the novelty of this experience and the serious uncertainty about how long it will last and what it will involve is adding to our anxiety and potentially eroding our wellbeing. While… Read more »

Psychology and Covid-19: Stress and Change

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Description: This is another installment in my efforts to talk about, and to get you to THINK about what the Covid-19 pandemic and our experiences of it can show us about the nature of human Psychology. What I am suggesting is that we can learn more about ourselves and our communities and about how we… Read more »