New NeuroPsychology of Anxiety: New Treatment Potential?

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Description: Somewhere in the neighbourhood of 20% of North Americans suffer from some form of anxiety disorder that impacts their relationships, their schoolwork and/or their jobs. There are many things Psychology can suggest that people do or try in order to cope with their feelings of anxiety but what if there was an “underlying disease… Read more »

Handedness: A Complex Construct

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Description: When I was in graduate school years ago, I heard about a study done by Stan Coren, at the University of British Columbia, that looked at professional baseball players (for whom detailed batting statistics indicated where they sat on the dimension of handedness. The study also looked at the retired ball player pension data… Read more »

What are Echophenomena? (Think Yawning!)

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Description: So what are echophenomena? Well if you don’t know, think about yawning. Have you noticed how it seems that when one person yawns the people around them will also yawn? Now it may be that they are ALL sleep deprived, bored, too warm etc. etc…. but, in fact it may simply be that yawns… Read more »