The Psychology of Covid-19: Psychological Reactions to the Pandemic

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Description: As you may or may not have noticed, I (Mike Boyes) have been posting discussions of and links to articles on the Psychology of Covid-19 since March 2020 (search Covid on this site to see the results). Recently we are starting to see posted, peer-reviewed research articles presenting studies that wee conceived, conducted, and… Read more »

Psychology and Covid-19: Breaking Psychological Research and Advice

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Description: In recent weeks I have been blogging about and linking to articles about the Psychology of Covid-19. I will likely continue to do so as there is a lot of Psychology popping up in our current experience. As a teaching Psychologist and Psychology textbook author I believe strongly that paying attention to what Psychological… Read more »

Magic and Psychology: Sort Them Out or Fold Them Together?

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Description: Think back to the last time you saw a magician at work and in particular when they either made something disappear or, perhaps, appear or reappear unexpectedly or ‘magically’. What were you thinking about as they made those things happen? Were you trying to figure out how they did it? Were you trying to… Read more »

Court Practices and Psychological Realities: Match or Mismatch?

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Description: Our law courts are places where rational processes test facts and arguments and where justice is consequently applied in a fair and “just” manner. Does that sound right to you? In the face of that description what role, if any, do emotions play in the judicial process? Before you say “none” think about the… Read more »