Psychological Research and Public Policy: A Study of Fluoridation and IQ

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Description: You have certainly heard about people described as anti-vaxers, people wo do not want their children vaccinated against diseases link the measles, mumps and rhubella because they believe there is scientific evidence that immunizations cause autism (despite the fact that the evidence is conclusive that there is no such effect and that the dangers… Read more »

Research on the Impacts of Screen Time: What should it look like?

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Description: Even if you are barely paying attention you cannot have missed media accounts and speculations regarding the impacts of screen time on development in childhood and on wellbeing among adolescents. Before we push panic buttons and start to crusade against another new technology (like we did about television a few decades ago) we should… Read more »

The Perfect Gift? or Iffy Science

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Description: What makes for a perfect present? Cost? Uniqueness? Thoughtfulness? Surprise value? Wouldn’t it be helpful if there was some psychosocial research done on this seasonally vital question? Wait no longer! Before reading the article linked below think a bit about what made some of the best presents you have given or received so great…. Read more »