The Psychology of Covid-19: Psychological Reactions to the Pandemic

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Description: As you may or may not have noticed, I (Mike Boyes) have been posting discussions of and links to articles on the Psychology of Covid-19 since March 2020 (search Covid on this site to see the results). Recently we are starting to see posted, peer-reviewed research articles presenting studies that wee conceived, conducted, and… Read more »

Psychology of COVID 19 Part 3: Statistical Overfocus

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Description: Here is a simple question. How many times each day these days do you seek out and look at the latest COVID-19 statistics (locally, nationally or internationally)? OK, that is what you say but is that really true (be honest with yourself, you do not have to share that with anyone else)? What might… Read more »

The Psychology of Risk Assessment: The Case of the Coronavirus

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Description: Consider this question; Is the coronavirus more or less dangerous that the flu (influenza)? Now, think about how you answered that question. Do you actually know how dangerous the flu and the coronavirus are? What their death rates are for those that contract them? Or did you come up with your answer based on… Read more »