Psychology of Covid-19: Loneliness Epidemic

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Description: How long could you live without air? How long without food? How long without companionship (social contact with someone you know)? Minutes, days, months? As we head in to what may be the worst weeks of Covid-19 impacts and lockdowns that stand between us and vaccine driven relief (and winter here in the Northern… Read more »

“Codes” for Successful Post-Secondary Transitions

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Description: Do you know what Advanced Placement exams are? High school students can study or take courses on advanced (beyond high school) topics and then, in May, write an exam in their chosen topic area and if they score high enough they can be granted an advanced standing that most colleges and universities will redeem… Read more »

Social Impact of Facebook: Some of it is Quite Positive!

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Description: Perhaps you have heard about concerns about ways in which Facebook and other social media sites can potentially contribute to social isolation (as they do not involve “real social face-to-face connections”). While there IS research supporting this concern can you think of situations and ways in which Facebook could, in fact, have exactly the… Read more »