Just How ARE ACE’s Related to Mental Illnesses?

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Description: You have likely heard about the data that is piling up regarding the relationship between Adverse Childhood Experiences and beyond childhood incidences of mental and physical illness (if not there are a couple of links in the Reference section below that will provide you with an overview of that work). An obvious question to… Read more »

Trouble Sleeping in a New Location: What is Uni-hemispheric sleep?

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Description: You probably have had the experience of traveling somewhere, being quite tired when you arrive, and yet not sleeping particularly well on your first night in the new location. You might even have a theory for why that is. What sorts of factors might be involved? Time zone changes? Differences between the bed in… Read more »

This is Your Brain on Winter!

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Description: So here is something most Canadians and other northern dwellers ought to know. What effect does winter have on your cognitive and emotional functioning? While the stuff we know well about seasonal affect disorder as described in the video which runs at the top of the linked article below but after looking at it… Read more »