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Description: For many students but especially for first year students, the first (fall) term can be rather stressful This is especially true for students who have not found their education particularly stressful prior to entering university or who have not developed or built strategies for recognizing and preparing to cope with the stress of the evolving term. Are you ready for the term?

Source: Stress and the College Student

Stress (Brown University Health Services)

Date: Various 2014/2015

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Brown University – Stress:

Ok, so you are probably aware that a college or a university can be a stressful place to be. As well, even if you are a first year student, you are probably aware that your fall term will be more manageable if you plan now (near the start of term) for the stressful times to come later in the term. If you do not have a solid place, now is a good time to put one together. The link above contain some good, psychologically grounded, advice about the nature of stress and about the kinds of things you can do to prepare for it and to deal with it when you experience it. The article cited below in the reference section, describes systematic research into the effectiveness of several stress management strategies. You know you’re only getting get busier as the term moves along, and so a bit of time spent now investigating and investing in some stress management strategies would certainly be time well spent.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What are your expectations, or perhaps rather what should your expectations and be, regarding the nature and extent of stress you anticipate experiencing later this term?
  2. What strategies and plans do you have in place to help you cope with stress in which additional strategies might you be considering now that you’ve read the articles noted here?
  3. Thinking about what, if anything, your college or university has done to help you prepare for the stressful aspects of the upcoming term and what recommendations would you have them consider going forward?

References (Read Further):

Baghuhrst, Timothy and Kelly, Betty C. (2014) An examination of stress in college students over the course of semester. Health Promotion Practice, 15(3) 438-447.