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Description: What do you think about people who brag? What about people to sneak their bragging into the conversation either by complaining (People give me such a hard time because I make them look bad) or by hardly masking it with humble statements (Why am I always asked to work on the most important assignments?). Do you ever do any of these sorts of bragging? Do you respond differently to, or think differently about, people that do each of the types described above? Once you have reflected on each of the questions above (no they were not merely rhetorical) read the article linked below and see what social psychological research into those questions has to suggest.

Source: Humblebragging Makes People Dislike You, According to Science, Jamie Ducharme, Time.

Date: January 18, 2018

Photo Credit:  Time

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Well it is likely no surprise that people do not look positively on braggers, but did it surprise you that they look even less positively on those that try to shroud their bragging in humble statements? And how did the 70% of people have humblebragged in the past sit with you? Can you own up now?  It seems that honesty may actually be the best policy even if you are bragging….. but oooh if you can get someone else to tout you!! Well, that is for your social scheming and planning sessions. Impression management IS important particular in corporate settings so this stuff can be worth paying attention to.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What is humblebragging?
  2. Why might humblebragging be viewed more negatively than plain old bragging?
  3. Is impression management an artificial form of self-promotion or is it pragmatic reflection on the realities of social interaction and personal image?

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