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Description: Are you a courageous person? Do you know anyone who you would describe as courageous? Where do we need courage in our day-to-day lives? If courage is associated with dragon slaying and other sorts of battles, then perhaps we do not need it much these days. However, if courage is part of what it means or what it takes to take risks and to do things that we might find difficult then perhaps we need to be thinking a bit more about courage and about how to encourage its development in children and how to nurture it within ourselves. What do you think courage is related to? Is it part of personality? Is it in the genes? Is it related to the settings (family or organizational) in which we live and act? Once you have a few hypotheses in mind read the article linked below that describes three studies looking at these sorts of courage related questions.

Source: New Research Shows How to Facilitate Social Courage, Melanie Greenberg, Psychology Today.

Date: January 30, 2018

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So, it seems that courage is an internal quality of persons that can be nurtured in childhood by the sorts of things that support the development of “grit” and determination and self-confidence. It is also something that can be organizationally encouraged by organizations that are “flat” (power is not solely held by authorities of bosses and not used to keep people “in line.” Courage is also associated with age in the same way that wisdom is associated with age (you only get it as you get older) and it can be modelled. All things to think about, if we would like to be more courageous in our lives!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What is courage?
  2. What is courage related to, psychologically speaking?
  3. What sorts of things can we do to help children develop courage or to develop it within ourselves?

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