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Description: What will tomorrow bring? Que sera sera. Are you happy with that as an answer? Yes, what will be will be BUT how do we plan for that? As has been discussed previously in this blog, anxiety and uncertainty are tightly intertwined. We manage and we stay sane when we have at least some idea of how things are going to unfold. It helps us to see where we can apply our time, our resources, and our energy in ways that will produce positive future outcome for ourselves, our families and other we care about. Uncertainty, like fog, takes away our navigational skills, talents and opportunities and THAT makes us quite anxious. Where does this put us right now as many jurisdictions are talking about cautiously starting to relax Covid-19 related restrictions? Think about that and then read the article linked below for a few suggestions.

Source: The Psychological toll of uncertainty and not knowing what’s coming next, Cory Stieg, Health and Wellness, Make It, CNBC.

Date: May 17, 2020

Photo Credit:  Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

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So, there IS a little but of “que sera sera” in this but there is also a lot of “manage what you can and take care of yourself along the way” in it as well. The essential aspects of Mindfulness, of being in the moment, involve working on being in YOUR moment and not in everybody else’s moment or in all your present and possible future moments at the same time. Do what you can right now, … sharpen your tools and/or cut some bait, as in inventory the kernels that make up your repertoire of self-efficacies (your competencies, goals, plans and opportunities) and you wil be fishing or whatever, before too much longer.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. How are anxiety and uncertainty related?
  2. If there is a lot of things you cannot do now or miss doing now, what are some things you CAN do?
  3. What does your repertoire of self-efficacies (or self-efficacy development plans and goals) include? What can you be working on right now?

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