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Description: How do you cope when you are stressed? I mean exactly what do you do? Do you act in ways that are adaptive or maladaptive? How are your coping with the current global and personal issues related to the coronavirus pandemic? If you are not sure how you typically cope you can go here and find, complete and score the Brief Cope measure to see your typical coping profile. Beyond coping styles, especially when we are dealing with a global stressor (collection of stressors) like the current pandemic, it is also very instructive to consider you mindset regarding Covid-19. Reflect for a moment on how you generally reflect upon or thin k about the current pandemic; Do you have control? Do others? Does anyone? Once you have a sense of what your current Covid-19 mindset might involve read through one or both of the articles linked below and see if your perspective fits with one of those suggested by recent Psychological research.

Source: What is the Best Mindset to Ward Off COVID-19 Stress? Mark Travers, Social Instincts, Psychology Today.

Date: August 16, 2020

Photo Credit:  Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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So how did your mindset perspective(s) fare? Did you find a match with one of the mindsets suggested by the article author or researchers? If you did what do the articles suggest you ought to do with it? Change it? Remain committed to it? Changing mindsets is not a simple manner of throwing a switch. To make a change in a mindset you need to seek out, understand, and eventually, perhaps, challenge some rather deeply held assumptions about a number of things. Even if it is not entirely successful efforts to reflect upon your mindsets, your self-related assumptions about you and the world you believe you are living in can be positively adaptive – worth doing!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Which of the mindsets described in the linked article best describes YOUR mindset regarding Covid-19?
  2. Are there aspects of your mindset or the mindsets of those around you or in your local and broader communities that would benefit from some adjustment?
  3. What sorts of things might you do to shift your Covid-19 related mindset? How might one help others do so as well?

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