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Description: How would you decide which Psychological research articles were the 10 most important of 2020?  Well, you could read a lot and come up with your own list but that would not be very scientific would it? So, what would you use for metrics? Well, how about the impact articles have on society in general and, as well, the impact they have on future Psychological research (and research in related disciplines? Social impact or newsworthiness can be checked with versions of google searches to see how widely the research is picked up and covered by new media. As to impact on future research there is actually something called an impact index which looks at both how many times other researchers include a particular article in their own citation lists in their own research and, as well, the impact ranking of the journal in which the article and the ones that cite it are published can also be factored in. Based on a blend of these factors, the Association for Psychological Science has produced a list of the “top 10” Psychology Research Discoveries and Breakthroughs of 2020. So, without further fanfare, have a read through the linked article to see what stood out and had the greatest impact in the way of Psychology research last year!

Source: Breakthroughs and Discoveries in Psychological Science: 2020 Year in Review, Psychological Science.

Date: January 16, 2021

Photo Credit:  Image by Megan Rexazin from Pixabay

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You likely anticipated the number of Covid related articles on the list. We have needed, and have seen, a lot of research into the Psychology of Covid-19 over the past year and perhaps the articles on misinformation on social media and on why people might claim that reputable journalism is “Fake News” did not surprise you either. As I noted in another post this week, there is a LOT of Psychologizing going on generally these days and it is most encouraging to see that Psychological research is diligently working to keep up with current issues and concerns and provide valid, research-grounded input to our efforts to understand what is going on within and around us these days AND inform our efforts to decide how best to proceed towards resilience and wellness.

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Pick one of the breakthrough or discovery articles and compose a brief description of what it did and what it found?
  2. Which breakthrough or discovery did you find most interesting or surprising and why?
  3. What area or areas of possible research were NOT represented in the list and what would you like to see in the way of future Psychology research?

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The titles of each article in the list within the linked article are hyperlinks that will take you to each of the articles themselves.

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