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Description: Are you a devotee of either Back Friday or Boxing Day Sales? If so, or if not (and it does seem to be a rather binary choice) why do you think that is? What is it that you like or do not like about the sales? Of course, it could be the bargains (if you are a sale liker) or it could be the consumerism (if you are a non-liker) but what else might it involve? What are some psychological variables that might play a role? Once you have an hypothesis or two in mind have a read through the article linked below that suggests a few possible psychology derived links.

Source: Why Some People Love Black Friday – and Others Hate It, According to Psychologists, Michael Breazeale, The Conversation and

Date: November 27, 2021

Image by Andrew-Art from Pixabay

Article Link:

So, are you a task achiever or a social connector? What is your comfortable social distance (outside of Covid mandates)? What strategies do you use if you have to or want to venture out into the big sales? It helps to see that at least some of what draws you to or repels you from such sales may be related to things other than just your consumer profile. Knowing what might be at play psychologically can help you plan sale strategies as the article author suggests or choose to shop online and avoid the spectacle entirely!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Did you see something of yourself or of other you know in the psychological concepts suggested as being relevant to big sale preferences?
  2. How do retailers leverage aspects of the psychological concepts discussed in the sale planning and marketing?
  3. Have you started to develop your own big sale strategies based on what you have read and if so what are you going to try and do?

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