One of the main difficulties students can face when taking Introductory Psychology is that they come into the course thinking psychology is all and only about mental health and therapy. They then experience disappointment when it takes weeks or months to arrive to these topics. Following a long-standing tradition, current Introductory Psychology texts are organized in a way that compartmentalizes the sub-fields of psychology leading students to consider them as independent or somehow unrelated, rather than as an integrated discipline.

Comer/Ogden/Boyes/Gould changes all this.

Comer/Ogden/Boyes/Gould is the first introductory psychology textbook to successfully present psychology as an integrated discipline just the way I (Mike Boyes) try to do it when I am teaching the course. Every chapter not only offers a thorough presentation of the concepts, applications, and research of that area but also illustrates the interrelations among the sub-fields of psychology—brain function, development, dysfunctions, and individual differences. This approach not only serves to engage students, but also presents psychology as a united and integrated discipline. Combined with a balance of Canadian and global research, rigorous scientific content, and engaging applications, this text is an invaluable resource for your Canadian introductory psychology students. In this second Canadian edition the chapters have been streamlined to be more accessible to students and many references have been updated. Have a look at it, I think you will find it a positive experience.


EHEP003341Sarafino, Smith, King, DeLongis
Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, Canadian Edition
Copyright 2015

Health Psychology: Biopsychosocial Interactions, Canadian Edition helps students to understand the interplay of biological, psychological and social factors in people’s health. It has a modular structure, which allows instructors to choose to cover all of the systems at once or distribute them to other chapters. The psychological research cited in the text supports a variety of behavioural, physiological, cognitive, and social/personality viewpoints. The Canadian edition includes health care systems in a Canadian context as well as discussions of health issues affecting marginalized groups, stress, substance use, health services, aboriginal issues, and material on social inequalities in the health services section. The book also includes international examples and cross-cultural references to broaden the psychologist’s view of health issues around the world and to highlight what works in the field.

EHEP003340Whitbourne, Konnert
Adult Development and Aging 1ce
Copyright 2015

Adult Development and Aging: Biopsychosocial Perspectives 1ce provides readers with a fresh and engaging approach to the field of adult development and aging. This book focuses on three themes: a multidisciplinary approach, positive images of aging, and the newest and most relevant research. This first Canadian edition has a strong focus on Canadian research and strikes a comprehensive balance between scientific rigour and relevance to students.

Davison, Blankstein, Flett
Abnormal Psychology 5e CDN
© 2013

AbnormalPsychology, 5th Canadian Edition will provide your students with the most up-to-date, relevant and reliable content available in an abnormal psychology undergraduate textbook. Professors can trust that withDavison 5e their students have the most comprehensive and accurate content and research coverage available in a textbook providing them the foundation they need to succeed in their Canadian psychology studies.

Based upon reviewer feedback, sections of the text have been updated extensively to incorporate numerous new research developments, and many new cases have been added to illustrate specific disorders. The text fully integrates changes to the DSM-5 and places a stronger emphasis on tying themes to emerging research findings. Over 900 new international and Canadian references have been added to this edition.

EHEP003073Hunsley and Lee
Clinical Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach
© 2013

The third edition of Introduction to Clinical Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach by University of Ottawa authors John Hunsley and Catherine M. Lee introduces students to the theories and practices of clinical psychology and conveys the important work done by clinical psychologists. This text is designed to be helpful not only to those who will go on to careers in clinical psychology, but also to those who will choose other career paths.




Social psychology students in today’s Canadian classroom are different than they were ten year ago. Today’s students vary considerably in their backgrounds, interests, and experiences, and live in a connected world with minimal boundaries in culture or citizenship. Most social psychology instructors would agree that in this interconnected world it is essential for today’s students to comprehend human social behavior in a global context, and that a key facilitator to this understanding is the inclusion of cross-cultural references and research in their course materials. Social psychology classrooms and students have literally transformed in the last ten years; social psychology textbooks have responded with ‘updates’.

Until now.

Social Psychology 1st Canadian Edition is the first social psychology textbook written specifically to address the discipline of social psychology as it exists today. A global context and cross-cultural content have been woven into the fabric of the text illustrating to Canadian students that understanding culture is key to understanding social behavior. Paired with strong neuroscience content, recent and relevant Canadian research, and online resources that take students from passive observers to active participants, this unique text is a necessary and timely resource for Canadian social psychology students.


Vasta_ChildPsychologyYounger, Adler, and Vasta’s Child Psychology, 3e is a topically ordered child development textbook known for its strong research focus, balanced theoretical presentation and pedagogical framework designed to assist students in understanding course material without compromising the depth of coverage. This third edition features a new chapter on brain development, the most up-to-date theory and research in child psychology as well as up-to-date references and research woven seamlessly throughout the text.





9781118300800Visualizing Psychology, 2nd Canadian Edition
Karen Huffman, Alastair Younger, Claire Vanston
January 2013, © 2013

Visualizing Psychology, Second Canadian Edition is part of the Wiley Visualizing series. While other introductory psychology texts claim to take a ‘visual approach’ by simply including more pictures and excluding text, our scientifically based visual pedagogical features display facts, explain concepts, and illustrate processes.

In Visualizing Psychology, Second Canadian Edition, this groundbreaking visual approach paired with superior online technology and multi-media resources uniquely address the processing and learning style of today’s college student by making material both accessible and engaging without sacrificing rigor.



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