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Description: As we head into winter with the Coronavirus reasserting itself, we are asking ourselves, Psychologically, how are we going to get thought the winter? I live in the North and we have a real winter and, I admit, I like to get away from it at least once and for more than a few days over its course. I used to ski, a bit, but age and fitness have blown over that “bit”. So, what to do? I will NOT become a mall walker (well not yet), so what are the options? Gain weight and watch more television (hard choices now that sports are leaning out and the American election is over)? Well, while I am not ready to “embrace winter” as the linked article below suggests BUT I am prepared to contend against it and stay active within it. So I have purchase some “chains” for my winter hikers so I can walk in ice and snow and I have set up a serious back yard fire pit with rock slab heat reflectors, movable wind screens, a seating area tarp, and heat reflecting chair liners and winter outfits that are functional if not fashionable. So, I am ready to sit within winter and with comfort, fresh air and bright fire light and I am hoping it is enough to keep me centered and grounded this coming restricted winter. I, like many of us are new to this but there are p[arts of the world where winter is reveled in and where people do not just endure but assert their wellness and wellbeing. How are YOU going to manage this coming winter? If you need some research-based suggestions consider the linked article that looks at how Scandinavians (who have BIG winters!) have adapted to versions of the current reality.

Source: What Scandinavians Can Teach Us About Embracing Winter, Kari Leibowitz, Coronavirus Outbreak, The New York Times.

Date: October 15, 2020

Photo Credit: Photo by Tobias Bjørkli from Pexels

Article Link:

So, do you have a positive winter mind-set? And, if you happen to live where winter is not as assertive you are still going to have to deal with a “winter” Covid-19 social and physical landscape. Do you have a strategy? Embracing winter or refusing to knuckle under to the harshness of winter by curling up and hibernating: either way creativity is required this year as we cannot use our old, tried strategies for coping. So, you are responsible for your resilience… what will it look like for you? It is up to you!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. Why is the arrival of winter an additional Psychological challenge in this time of Corvid-19?
  2. What might a winter mind-set include? What is Hygge?
  3. What might be done outside of Scandinavia to bolster the winter/covid preparedness of northerners?

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