Can Optimism Move Us Forward on Wicked Problems?

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Description: Sometimes when a question about human behavior occurs to us it is rather easy to work out how we might do some research to find some possible answers to the question. Other times the questions we consider have a quality of wickedness. Wicked questions or problems are ones that seem to run and hide… Read more »

How Might You Measure a Connectedness to Nature?

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Description: Without getting into the issues, principles and challenges associated with climate change and global warming, just simply think about how you would answer these questions: “Are you connected to Nature?” “How might we conceptualize a connection to Nature?” “How might we measure a connection to Nature?” Perhaps you see Nature as simply defined as… Read more »

How to Build Caring About Climate Change by Understanding How we Think About it

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Description: Most of us know, at least on a good day, that people need to care more about climate change. What we tend to do with that, though, is to point to other people as being the ones to blame for this lack of caring and lack of significant action — like politicians who ask… Read more »

How Psychology Can Save the World from Climate Change

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Description: So think about it, what role might psychology have to play in saving the world from climate change? Source: How Psychology Can Save the World from Climate Change, Tania Lombrozo, Cosmos and Culture (13.7) Date: November 30, 2015 Image by Eveline de Bruin from Pixabay Links: Article Link — The core issues and… Read more »