Helping Teen Girls (and Better Understanding Why They Need It)

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Description: In my last couple of blog posts (here and here) I have been looking at the important concerns being raised about teen mental health and about the mental health of teen girls in particular. A full and complete understanding of what is going on requires sorting out a huge number of variables linked to… Read more »

Psychology and Covid-19: Uncertainty is Certain

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Description: Suppose you were told that a friend of yours was anxious, just generally anxious. In preparing to talk with them about how they are doing you are thinking a bit about the sorts of questions you might ask them in order to better understand their situation and their mental state. What are you anxious… Read more »

Social Media and Smart Phone Use: We Need a LOT More Research

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Description: I have posted previously on research related to the question of the impacts of social media and smartphone use on adolescent and emerging adult wellbeing. While some of the findings seem quite dire and while there is no debate about the increasing levels of anxiety and stress among emerging adults in recent years the… Read more »