Is “How Happy Are You” The Right Question?

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Description: How happy are you? If you are not as happy as you would like to be what can you do to fix that? Is how happy you are an important question? If not, what else should we be thinking about or working on? These questions started out simple and then got fuzzier and more… Read more »

Random Acts of Kindness Are More Powerful Than You Think

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Description: You have heard, I hope, of the supposed power of providing random acts of kindness to others, even strangers, haven’t you? However, have thought much about why that might be a good thin g to do? We may have heard from parents, teachers and others that it is a good thing to be kind… Read more »

The Happiness Professor and Strategic Burnout Avoidance Breaks

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Description: I do not know if you notice but stories about specific areas of Psychological research seem to pop up in bunches. I take this to be a reflection of there being a particular issue or need that is emerging around that point in time and the folks writing articles are looking for things, or… Read more »

Gave Life to Flow: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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Description: Have you heard the term “flow”? It is a concept out of Positive Psychology that tries to capture how a very wide range of people experience a deep focus when doing something that matters to them. The psychologist who crafted the concept and called it flow was Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Mihaly passed away earlier this… Read more »

Does More Free Time = More Happiness?

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Description: Quickly think of an answer to this question: “would more free time make you happier?” What do you think? If you thought, “it depends” then lay out what you think it might depend upon. Once you have your hypotheses in order consider this observation consistently offered by researchers looking at human happiness that humans… Read more »

Pandemic Dreams: With or Without Anxiety?

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Description: How are your dreams these days? Not so good? Rather frightening? Does it make sense to say that the unsettling nature of your dreams are, in some way or ways, tied to our current Covid circumstances? If that makes sense, what is the mechanism by which our dreams are influenced by our current socially… Read more »

You Can Learn Happy

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Description: A lot of people are not doing very well these days, and this was true even before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. We can certainly see that the levels of stress, anxiety and uncertainty in the general population and among young, emerging adults in particular are sky high. Given this I do not imagine that… Read more »

The Psychology of Covid 19: Unselfish Self Care

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Description: Have you read anything about Positive Psychology? It is a relatively new sub-discipline within Psychology that is based on the idea that Psychology can do more that focus in on the ways in which things can go wrong for us in terms of things like mental illness. Research in Positive Psychology looks at what… Read more »

Psychology of COVID-19 — Looking Forward from Here

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Description: I have posted several times (Link, Link, and Link) about the high degrees of uncertainty associated with the future as viewed from within the current Covid-19 pandemic. I cannot provide an antidote to such uncertainties at the individual level. I CAN, however, point you towards a few areas where there will soon be come… Read more »