What Do Implicit Bias Tests Tell Us About Ourselves

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Description: Have you run across the term/concept of implicit bias? Simply put, implicit bias is typically taken to refer to unconscious tendencies people have to associate some traits, characteristics, or behaviors with other people based upon surface or first-look attributes such as age, gender, or race. Depending upon social circumstance such biases may be somewhat… Read more »

What Are and Are Not Causes of Obesity?

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Description: Consider this general statistic: in the years between 1975 and 2016 the rate of obesity globally has almost doubled. Why might this be? Without doing any online digging, just think about what you have heard and about what you know about factors that contribute to obesity and about how these factors have increased, multiplied,… Read more »

Reducing Racism Via Exposure: A Population Level, 70 Year Study

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Description: What might we do to reduce the level of racially based discrimination within a population? You have likely heard of some version of the Exposure hypothesis. It suggests that prejudice might be reduced through exposure to diverse individuals preferably in situations where they work together towards a common goal. Research involving relatively small numbers… Read more »

Psychology of Racism, Bias, and Discrimination: Microaggressions and Racial Bias

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Description: Recent events have intensified attention to issues of racial inequity and racism. In addition to helping people to understand the foundations of how racism is established and carried forward, Psychology can help people see and understand the many ways in which bias and racist assumptions can enter and shape day-to-day social interactions. Have you… Read more »

The Development/Learning of Prejudice: The Trump Effect (and what to do about it)

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Description: From our Canadian perspective American presidential elections are often a source of interest, fascination, and sometimes concern. The current election race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has raised a surprisingly large number of psychologically relevant points, issues and concerns. An article I posted earlier this year (http://wileypsychologyupdates.ca/general-psychology/abnormal-psychology/diagnosing-at-a-distance-what-about-donald/) talked about how psychologists are ethically… Read more »