Life and Health Are Collective Endeavors

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Description: I was not intending to post three conceptually focused pieces (another one, a third one) when I sat down at my computer this week. By conceptual, I mean looking at articles that ask us if we are looking at or thinking about some aspect of human psychological functioning properly or whether a different conceptual… Read more »

Covid and Depression: Correlation and/or Causation?

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Description: I know it would not surprise you to hear that there is a correlation between Covid-19 and depression. I mean, the financial, social and physical disruptions associated with the pandemic impacted everyone’s mood and wellbeing even if they did not contract the virus. All of that would be even more true for those who… Read more »

Nature Experiences Well-being and Covid?

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Description: I hope you already know that spending time out in nature is good for you. If not, have a look at one or two of the articles listed in the Further Reading section below. Given the positive relationship that has been observed between time in nature and well-being, how would you design a study… Read more »

Admitting Uncertainty and Trust are Related: Ask a 4-year-old!

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Description: Regardless of what you thought of the events surrounding the so-called Freedom Convoy in Canada’s capital of Ottawa over the past 3 weeks it was very clear that there are quite a few people who do not trust that the government is giving them the right information and advice or doing the right thing… Read more »

Nocebo Effects and Vaccination Reactions: Important Data

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Description: What does the science say? We have heard or used that question a LOT in these COVID days (years). It is a good question… an important question and one that is much better grounded than questions like; what do I think or what do I wish or what do I want to believe or… Read more »

The Psychology of Blame

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Description: I do not know if you have been tracking it but my friends and family in and around Ottawa have drawn my attention to the protest/occupation on central Ottawa by the Truckers’ Convoy. The group is comprised of people opposed to the recent vaccination requirements for cross border passage by truckers and demanding an… Read more »

Critical Thinking: What Can We Learn from Aaron Rodgers?

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Description: Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, instead of getting vaccinated against Covid-19 followed an immune system strengthening regime (not entirely proven effective) and, when asked if he was vaccinated said he was immunized but avoided any mention of vaccination. Rodgers claimed be is not a flat-earther or an anti-vaxer but that he IS a… Read more »

Conflicting Statements Regarding the Supply of and Demand for Mental Health Services During Covid

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Description: Consider the titles of the two articles listed immediately below in the Sources section of this post. They both appeared on the same day in the same online media source and were illustrated by the same photo (see either article). Before going to look at either article think for a minute about how you… Read more »

Awake and Worrying at 3 or 4 AM? You are not alone and here are things you can do!

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Description: Has this ever happened to you, or is happening to you more frequently recently? You wake up at 3 or 4 am and your mind sort of pounces on you and starts to run through all the things you are or have recently been concerned or worried about. It spins you around and around… Read more »

Teens and Covid: Maybe the Kids are Alright!

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Description: Is statement this true? Teenagers are struggling with a significant increase in mental health issues due to the social impacts of the Covid pandemic. You have heard this more than once or twice, haven’t you? Have you taken a closer look to see if there is actually any data supporting this statement? Think for… Read more »