What Do Implicit Bias Tests Tell Us About Ourselves

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Description: Have you run across the term/concept of implicit bias? Simply put, implicit bias is typically taken to refer to unconscious tendencies people have to associate some traits, characteristics, or behaviors with other people based upon surface or first-look attributes such as age, gender, or race. Depending upon social circumstance such biases may be somewhat… Read more »

Reducing Racism Via Exposure: A Population Level, 70 Year Study

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Description: What might we do to reduce the level of racially based discrimination within a population? You have likely heard of some version of the Exposure hypothesis. It suggests that prejudice might be reduced through exposure to diverse individuals preferably in situations where they work together towards a common goal. Research involving relatively small numbers… Read more »

Psychology of Racism, Bias, and Discrimination: Microaggressions and Racial Bias

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Description: Recent events have intensified attention to issues of racial inequity and racism. In addition to helping people to understand the foundations of how racism is established and carried forward, Psychology can help people see and understand the many ways in which bias and racist assumptions can enter and shape day-to-day social interactions. Have you… Read more »

The Psychology of Covid-19: Schooling and Cognitive Health

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Description: I do not have a fully developed professional Psychological opinion as yet on the question of whether or how schools should re-open in the (soon) coming fall. Some aspects if such an opinion will, of course, involve vital matters of health-related safety; will students get sick, if so, how sick, and will they infect… Read more »

Racism and the Everyday Psychology of Urban Indigenous Women

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Description: One of the challenges involved in trying to Indigenize Psychology is tied to fact that western Psychology is rather deeply grounded in the same a-cultural, individualistic perspective that defines the western or settler perspective. What this can mean is that while Psychology as a discipline CAN consider issues of culture, stigma and social stereotypes… Read more »

Racism versus Implicit Bias

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Description: Have you heard of implicit bias? While we define racism as an active belief involving negatively prejudging individuals on the basis of race, the concept of implicit bias is more complicated. Our mind is primed to make automatic associations between some concepts very quickly. Doing so in many situations provides an adaptive advantage. So… Read more »