PTSD: Effectiveness of Companion Dogs

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Description: I bet you have heard about the use of companion dogs in the work with returning military veterans who are dealing with issues of PTSD. Having had dogs I have always thought that the use of dogs as aid or companion animals for those with PTSD issues makes a lot of sense. As with… Read more »

Service Dogs and PTSD (In Humans)

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Description: You have heard of service dogs, right? They help out people struggling with PTSD and help them get on with their lives with fewer of the issues that can be associated with PTSD. However, what do you know about what having a service dog actually does for a person with PTSD? Perhaps you just… Read more »

PTSD with Ecstasy as a Treament Add-on?

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Description: I have posted a number of times in the past on the topic of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – search PTSD in the Weekly Updates search window). Symptoms of PTSD are worryingly common among retiring military veterans. The rate in the general population is just under 10% while the rate among returning vets… Read more »