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Description: Wonder what is going on in sport psychology (the overall themes of today’s posts)? Well you could search the web, search library or journal databases and you would get a LOT of things to look at. A search of the phrase “sport Psychology” on Google scholar returned 2 million hits – not exactly light reading! But here is an alternative (that works for many other Psychology research areas as well). Go to frontiers in Psychology (an online open source journal site), type the word “sports” into the search field in the middle of the top part of the home page and hit return. Frontiers in psychology opens research topic sections I areas where new, interesting research is being done and then encourages researchers to submit work on those topics. This approach makes Frontiers in Psychology a great place to find out what is new and what is hot in Psychology or in the Psychology of many content areas – like sport Psychology. Go to the link below, enter sports in the search bar and look through the 41 distinct sports psychology topics currently in the online journal.

Source: Sport Psychology: Topics on Frontiers in Psychology.

Date: September 21, 2019

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So, what drew your attention? Psychology and Extreme Sports? Progress in Computer Gaming and Esports? Performance Analysis in Sports? The Psychophysiology of Action? Using Substances to Enhance Performance: A Psychology of Neuroenhancement? Mental Health Challenges in Elite Sport?  Lots and lots to choose from and a clear demonstration of the diversity and breadth of the burgeoning field of sports psychology. Frontiers in Psychology is a great starting place for interest exploration AND for term paper starting places with over 15,000 online articles. And , no, I am not marketing for the online journal, rather, I am advocating for YOU to dig into Psychology and find and explore your curiosities and interests, who know what you will learn that might even be useful (but will certainly be interstijng)!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. What did you find on the site that intrigued you??
  2. If you dug into a topic area on the site where did it lead you?
  3. What else would you like to know about the topic or topics you dug into? How might you pursue them further? (Hints: search by key word on this blog site, search the topics that interest you on Google Scholar and look for research article citations that have links to the actual articles, ask your psychology teacher or professor for suggestions). Follow your curiosities and interests is a good strategy for your academic development but also for figuring out your life (career, interests, commitments and beliefs) so practice on the Frontiers in Psychology site and then apply those skills all over the place!

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