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Description: Remember traveling? Or being able to travel? If you are contemplating or perhaps (lucky you) planning to travel (other than for personal business or business business) think about what you are thinking or hoping you will get from your experience of the trip. Assuming you are not going to just go to an all-inclusive beach resort for a “break” or one of those many-emerging-adults beach festivals with alcohol tours (sorry but I have opinions about such things) then perhaps you are looking for a broadening, perspective expanding, or transformative experience. But what might THAT involve? Why has travel held the possibility of individual transformation? Visiting and engaging in diverse and new-to-us people and cultures, seeing and different ways of being, can provide us with perspective and identity expanding experiences and opportunities. So, what kind of travel are you thinking about? What might or could it do for you? Think about how it might broaden your perspective, think about how it might spur your identity development and then think about what it might involve. Once you have done that, read the article linked below for an interesting (psychological from outside of psychology) perspective.

Source: Looking for transformative travel? Keep these six stages in mind, Jacob J. Hammon, The Conversation.

Date: September 28, 2021

Image by D Mz from Pixabay

Article Link:

If traveling is just going places to see pretty things, then there is little difference between it and watching a television travel show. If, however, travel is undertaken to test and to broaden our horizons then we must go and we must go with our powers of self-reflection and social awareness tuned up and running well. The author of the linked article approaches this question from a spiritual perspective, but it could similarly be approached from an Identity development perspective. Being open to social and cultural perspectives that are different than our own or being open to the possibility that we may not even be able to see some differences initially can turn travel into a truly transformative experience. So, go with you eyes, ears and mind open and with your assumptions available for review and the results may be powerful, positive and surprising! Thoughtfully surrender, meet and care and grow!

Questions for Discussion:

  1. How might travel to a destination all-inclusive resort or tour with friends be different than travel to a foreign town or village on your own or with just one or two friends?
  2. How might the second type of travel noted in the previous question influence individual growth and development?
  3. What sort of travel are you hoping to do over the next few years and did the article cuse you consider a slightly different approach?

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